GCSE POD is here
GCSEPod has over 2500 GCSE specific podcasts which you can watch online on a school or home computer or download to play later on your iPod, iPhone, Blackberry or Android device.  You can navigate the chapters to focus on specific areas, learn about each subject with audio, text and images and find out exactly which podcasts you need to prepare for forthcoming exams. 
GCSEPod is FREE OF CHARGE to all Bodmin College students and staff.

How to access:
  1. Click the GCSEPod button above or here to go to the GCSEPod registration and login page
  2. Register using your School email address 
  3. After clicking ‘Sign up’, go to your School email account and find the email sent from GCSEPod.  Click the activation link in the email and you will be automatically logged in
Once logged in you can view any of the podcasts by searching by subject or go to the ‘Prepare for my next exam’ area to find out exactly which podcasts are relevant to your exams

Do you have an Apple, Blackberry or Android device?  If you want to download a podcast for your device, click one of these buttons when you see them on the GCSEPod website:
Android Apple GCSE Pod
Your podcast link will be added to your GCSEPod ‘My Downloads’ area.  When you get home, login to GCSEPod on your home computer and download your podcast from the ‘My Downloads’ area.  

The videos below will explain the process a little more however they will not work at school due to the YouTube filter

What is GCSE Pod?

How to use GCSE Pod

How To Download For Apple Devices

How To Download for Android and Blackberry